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Adding Content - Referenced Data

Some formats refer to additional data stored in a separate location. For example, a map document, or MXD file, stores the path to a source dataset and other layer properties, including symbology. Voyager only indexes referenced data once, even if more than one record in the index refers to that data.   

Adding Referenced Data

To add Referenced Data:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Locations
  2. Select Referenced Data

  3. Select the Referenced Data (Referenced Data will only appear when it is present in the Index)
  4. Click Save

Viewing Referenced Data in the Search Results Window

To see all referenced data in the main search window, select Referenced Data from the Location list.


Viewing Referenced Data Details

To see which items in the index refer to a particular file, click its thumbnail and select Show Detail Page. Referring records are listed under the Used By header.


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