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Error: 503

1. Check your Task Manager to make sure that Voyager isn't already running on the machine (end tasks for voyagerserver.exe or voyagerservice.exe).

2. Try pointing Voyager to another port. To do so, go to the Voyager.vmoptions file (under C:\voyager\server_1.9\app) and edit the port number to one that is available. Voyager restart is required.

3. In the Voyager.vmoptions file (under C:\voyager\server_1.9\app), the default max memory is set to 1024M. Increase this to 2048M. (4096M if it's already 2048M). Voyager restart is required.

4. Run the check-index tool. Instructions here. 

5. Re-install in a new directory and copy data and config files (.dex files, Index v0 and Meta). 

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