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Searching in Navigo

 The Navigo UI Home page provides easy access to searches. You can search by text, place of map area.  The new placename (placefinder) searches make it even easier to find places just by entering a name.  You don't have to draw a bounding box to find what you're looking for. 

NOTE: Administrators can enable or disable the Placefinder query box.  See Configuring the Placefinder Feature for detailed information.

  • To search for text, enter your query in What are you looking for?
  • To search by place using placename (placefinder) search, enter a name in Where is it located?
  • To search using the map, simply click on the map and use the Map controls to define a search area.

  • You can also click the drop-down menu in the Where is it located? field and select Map


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