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Adding Content - Content Management Systems


Voyager can index records from Content Management Systems, for example SharePoint document libraries using ManifoldCF.

To add a Sharepoint repository:

  1. Install Manifold and configure Manifold to connect with SharePoint and Voyager (requires Professional Services currently).
  2. Create SharePoint crawler job in Manifold. 
  3. Add SharePoint crawler job as a Voyager location. 
  4. Scan SharePoint location in Voyager

SharePoint documents are then available for search from within Voyager.

Creating a SharePoint Crawler Job as a Voyager Location

To add a crawler job as a Voyager location:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Locations.
  2. Scroll down to the Add Location section of the page and click the Manifold tab.
  3. Enter Manifold service URL (http://<manifold-url>:8345/mcf-api-service)
  4. Click Test to connect Voyager with Manifold.
  5. You should see a drop-down list with crawler jobs previously created in Manifold UI. 
  6. Select a job from the list and click Add Job. The job now appears in the Locations list.
  7. Enter the Manifold URL and click Test

Select a crawler job from the Job drop-down list.

Click Add Job to add the selected job as a new Voyager location.

Additional Location Types

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