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Using Voyager's REST API

 Voyager provides a REST API for developers to use to integrate enterprise applications.

Access and Permissions

Authentication is done with Basic Authentication. Operations that change resource state require the authenticated user to have the appropriate permission granted.

Supported Media Types

Our REST API supports JSON and XML data formats. When requesting information content negotiation is handled by the extension at the end of a URL. See Constructing REST API Queries for detailed information.

Accessing the API


Try the API

The API Explorer has a tool for you to call the end points without having to write any code. Select the resource you want to browse, pick an operation to perform, fill in any required data and click Try it out!.


Developers integrating their applications with Voyager may find that their development environment cannot send an HTTP request with a verb other than GET or POST (Flash, browser forms, etc). This can be remedied by appending a URL parameter to indicate the true intention of the request.

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