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Adding Content - Web Services

More and more GIS users are exposing their content as web services, web catalogs or within proprietary content repositories like ArcGIS Online. But it can be difficult to find what you need because each repository requires a separate search query. However, with Voyager, you can search all of your web-based content simultaneously and even at the same time as you are searching for file-based content. 

Voyager supports the indexing and searching of following types of web-based, GIS content:

  • WMS Services
  • WFS Services
  • ArcGIS Server
  • CSW Services
  • FME Server
  • ArcGIS Online/Portal for ArcGIS
  • Geocortex
  • PODS (Project Open Data Metadata Schema v1.1)
  • CKAN

Enter the URL for that location and click Add. Or, in the case of ArcGIS Online, Voyager users may wish to index their own content in ArcGIS online. If so, users will need to enter their authentication credentials and then click Add.

To add a Web Service to your Discovery locations:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Locations
  2. Click New Location
  3. Select Web Service

  4. Select a Web Service from the Type drop-down menu

  5. Enter the URL  and choose whether to immediately validate it
  6. Click Add to add the Web Service

Notes on Adding WMS Services

Voyager provides examples of WMS services that you can add by clicking Add

To more efficiently add WMS locations to the index, .wms files can be leveraged.  URL(s) can be added to a .wms file, then the directory containing the .wms file can be added as a Location. Voyager will open the .wms file and index all URLs contained within it.

Additional Location Types

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