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Adding Content - ArcGIS Server (Web Service)

 You can configure Voyager to index Web Services from an ArcGIS Server.  

To add the ArcGIS Server to the list of Discovery locations:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Locations 
  2. Click New Location
  3. Select Web Service  
  4. Choose ArcGIS Server from the drop-down menu

  5. Enter the URL to the services directory on the ArcGIS Server
  6. Click Add to add it to the locations Voyager indexes.
  7. Check Validate to verify the URL and authentication details before you add the location to Voyager.  

Voyager also provides examples of commonly used ArcGIS server URLs that you can add to the index without having to enter authentication details. 

Service Authentication

To configure Service Authentication:

  1. Click Enter Authentication  
  2. Enter a Username and Password required by the ArcGIS Server
  3. Click Add to add the ArcGIS Server

Advanced Authentication Options

You can also authenticate by providing an ArcGIS token instead of a username and password.

To use ArcGIS token-based authentication: 

  1. Click Show Advanced Options 
  2. Enter Token and Referer information (click Help to see more information about ArcGIS token-based authentication)
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