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Memory Management


Voyager's default memory settings may not be optimal as the index increases in size, and it may be necessary to increase the memory limits.

To check the current memory setting:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > System > Info
  2. Current memory use is listed at the bottom

To add memory

  1. Use notepad to open <install location>\app\voyager.vmoptions
  2. Edit the the -Xmx to change the default value of 1024M to a larger value. See notes below



  1. 32-bit versions of Voyager can only use up to 1024MB of memory. If you need a 64-bit version visit the downloads page
  2. When adding memory, more is not always better. Voyager runs in a java virtual machine and uses a garbage collector to manage memory. If the amount of memory is set exceptionally high, beyond what is actually needed, the garbage collector will have to do extra work. It's best to make incremental adjustments such as 500MB or 1GB at a time.

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