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Configuring Discovery - Overview

Voyager's Discovery Configuration settings allow you to fine-tune aspects of the indexing process, manage system resources and configure geotagging as well as other indexing settings. Tuning data discovery settings can help improve indexing performance.

To configure Data Discovery, go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Discovery Configuration.

There are four sections:

Default Settings

Default Settings are described here

Layer File Settings

This settings lets users set a Esri layer file version. Selecting Default automatically configures settings to the installed version of ArcGIS.  

Worker Configuration 

These setting can be used to ensure that the computer utilizes its CPU effectively. Setting the Target CPU and Target RAM to 70-80% utilization helps improve performance. To increase beyond this can lock up your computer.   

Extraction Timeout

Users can use this setting to set time limits on extraction for different file types. Also, a default can be set for all file types. 


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