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Discovery Status - Monitoring the Indexing Process

To view the current progress of indexing, enable or disable discovery or check indexing history, go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Status.

Enabling and Disabling Discovery                

The Enable Discovery setting enables scanning for indexed locations and data/thumbnail extraction. To stop scanning or extraction, click Enable or Disable Discovery

Discovery Options

  • Click Scan All Locations to start scanning all current locations
  • Click Sync Search Index to commit all changes to the index, although this is usually not necessary
  • Click Force Tracker Broadcast to see the current status of extraction processes (workers)


The History table at the bottom shows the date you last indexed each location, the location name, the success or failure status of this indexing task, and the files and folders that were counted in this index.

  • Click Details to see detailed information for that event
  • Click the name of the location to view discovery details


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