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Viewing File Format Information


To view the list of file formats (MIME types) that Voyager supports, go to Manage > Discovery > Formats.


  • Click an Extractor to see all of the file types associated with that extractor
  • Click a Name to see a detailed description of that file type and the extractors that can read it
  • You can also use the Search box at the top to find format information
  • Click any of the filters at the left to refine the view of files. These include

    • Format Type
      For example, Database or Service
    • Format Category
      For example, GIS or Media
    • Format Keyword
      For example, Raster or Vector
    • Format Company
      For example, Microsoft or Adobe
    • Extractor
      For example, esri/db or worker/xpath
    • Format Application
      For example, ArcMap or Autocad
    • Product
      For example, City Graphics or TLM

Viewing Information by File Name

Clicking a Name brings up the detailed information for that file name.  Here is the information for Shapefile:

Viewing Information by Extractor

Clicking an Extractor shows the detailed information for that extractor, including the file formats that it can read.  Here is the information for the archive extractor:




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