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Query Synonyms

Synonyms are useful to make sure that queries return all relevant results instead of just those that match a term exactly. For example, you might want a search for KY to also show results for Kentucky.  

You can use files with lists of synonyms to improve results in Voyager's queries.  There are some standard synonym files, but you can edit them and even create new ones.  You can have Voyager use multiple synonym files during a query, for example if one file stores place name synonyms and another stores State and County synonyms.

Synonym Syntax

Entries in the Synonym file have the syntax [Entry, synonym] for example:

Rd, Road
St, Street

Multiple synonyms are allowed, for example:

St, State, Street
Mt, Mount, Mountain

Selecting a Synonym File

To select a Query Synonym file:

  1. Go to Manage > Index > Query Synonyms
  2. Select one of the existing synonym files in the Standard Synonyms drop-down list

  3. Click Add
  4. The file appears under the Standard Synoyms list
  5. Note: you can add multiple synonym files to Standard Synonyms

Editing an Existing Synonym File

You can only edit Synonym files that have been added and are listed under Standard Synonyms.  To edit:

  1. Click Edit next to the file name
  2. Add, modify or delete entries

  3. Click Save when you are done

Adding a New Synonym File

To add your own Query Synonym list:

  1. Select New Synonym File from the drop-down list
  2. Click Add to bring up the Synonym Editor
  3. Add entries as shown in the example above
  4. Click Save when you are done 
  5. The new file will appear under Standard Synonyms


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