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Internal Authentication

Voyager's built-in internal authentication model uses configurable users and groups to control access to Voyager. To manage Internal Authentication, go to Manage Voyager > Security > Authentication > Internal. You can configure User Accounts and Groups as well as Password Settings.

Adding, Deleting and Modifying User Accounts

To manage User Accounts, select the Accounts tab.

Adding a new Account

To add a new User Account:

  1. Click New Account

  2. Enter the UsernamePassword and Password Confirmation
  3. Click the Groups field to see a list of existing Groups
  4. Click a Group name to add it to the User Account
  5. Click the X next to a Group name to remove it from that Account
  6. Click Create when you are done

Configuring an existing Account

To configure an existing account, click the Account name. You can:

  1. Change the Password 
  2. Add or remove Groups
  3. Delete the Account

Deleting a User Account

To delete a User Account:

  1. Click the Account name
  2. Click Delete Account

Adding and Removing Groups

To view existing Groups or add a new Group, select the Groups tab.

  1. To add a new Group, enter a name in the Create field and click Add
  2. To remove an existing Group, click Remove under the Group name.  Note that you will not see a confirmation dialog when you remove a group.

Password Settings

You can change the system-wide requirements for user passwords on the Settings tab.

  1. Enter a minimum length for passwords
  2. Select Complex Passwords? to allow upper and lower case letters as well as punctuation characters
  3. Click Save when you are done
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