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Setting up the Voyager ArcMap Add-in with ArcGIS Desktop

To set up the Voyager ArcMAP Add-in:

  1. Go to the ${install.dir}/app/esri/addin folder.

  2. Copy the VoyagerArcMapExtensionesriAddIn file to the computer where ArcGIS Desktop is installed
  3. On that computer, double-click the VoyagerArcMapExtensionesriAddIn file and click Install Add-in

  4. Next, Open ArcMap

  5. Select Voyager Search from the Windows menu
  6. Choose the the Voyager URL and Landing Page on the Setup tab

  7. On the Search tab, click an item to:

    • Add to Map
    • Show Details
    • Zoom to Extent
    • Open in Catalog
    • Zoom to Extent




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