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Voyager ArcMap Toolbar Search Settings

The following document discusses the various search settings available in the Voyager ArcMap toolbar.

Using the Map Extent Option

Selecting Map Extentin the Voyager search bar sets geographic boundaries based on where the map is centered.

For example, the red boundaries indicate the map extent set for the following map:

Map Extent-Intersects Settings

Selecting this option on the Voyager toolbar displays all indexed items whose spatial extent intersects with ArcMap’s map extent.

Using the Selection Option


The selection tool lets you specify an area on ArcMap and search for results relating to the selected area. Click the Select tool and use your mouse to draw an area on the map.


This setting displays indexed items that are within the selected area on the map.

Selection-Intersect Setting

This setting displays indexed items whose spatial extent intersects with the spatial extent of the selected area.

Using the No Limit and Show Options

The No Limit option displays all indexed items from Voyager’s server. You can use this option with the Show option to sort indexed results.

The Show options groups items into four format categories:

  • ArcMap Data: Items such as map services, image services, shapefiles
  • Web Services: Web services, such as CSW files, Kml/Kmz files, Geocortex Sites, and GPServer Tasks
  • Raster Data: Indexed items that include .tiffs, .jpgs, and mosaic datasets. 
  • Geoprocesing: Tool Boxes containing geoprocessing tools and function. 
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