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Getting a License

Licensing Voyager

We have migrated our licensing system to a new platform that has allowed us to merge our customer accounts with licensing database. This will allow us to provide better support and new resources to our customers.

Now that we've made this change, you will see a new login screen and first-time users will be required to create a new password. 

Getting started - Establishing your Password

All of your information has been preserved and moved into our upgraded system, with the exception of your encrypted password. The first step in using your new account is to establish a new password using the password recovery and reset dialog.

Accessing your account

Once your account is established, you can log into your account here:
https://voyagersearch.force.com/community/login. This will display the Licensing tab, which provides an overview of your licenses.

Click the License name to show the License Detail view, which lists additional information for a license.


You can use the Customer Note section to annotate your license with your own information. This is often helpful for keeping track of which license is used on which computer. To add a note, click Edit next to the Customer Note entry.

Generating a license key

To generate a new license, you must first enter your computer's Machine ID.  Click Edit to enter the Machine ID.

Once you have entered the Machine ID, click Generate License Key to generate a new license. 

When the license key is ready, you can copy it and use it to authorize your software.

If you need to move your software to a new computer, please send an email to support@voyagersearch.com so we can help you reset your license.  


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