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Running Voyager as a Windows Service

This document describes the steps necessary to run Voyager as a Windows Service. 

Required Information for Setup

  1. A Windows user account to run the Voyager process/service.
    • The account must have sufficient permission to the data to be indexed.  Permissions must allow open/read access to the files indexed.
    • The account must have read/write permissions to Voyager's install and data areas.
  2. A Windows administrator account and password to install and configure the Voyager Service, including:
    • Configuring Active Directory settings (optional)
    • Installing or modifying the Windows service
  3. Locations to be Indexed, e.g.:
    • File server locations
    • SDE server
    • ArcGIS Web Servers

Additional Considerations

  • The preferred method is to manage the VoyagerService as a Windows Service rather than a process running from a user account. This method ensures that the process will be available based on the configuration of the service.  This also allows you to set permissions to those directories for the service account rather than setting permissions for user accounts.  You will need to request that your IT department to create a WIndows Service Account with a non-expiring password to use this method, and the necessary permissions will need to be granted to this account.
  • When running Voyager as a service, user has to be logged as a member of the local Administrators group to be able to check out an ESRI license.

  • It is sometimes not possible to have a single account that has access to all of the data.  For this scenario,  Voyager, when running as a service, has a "map network drive" feature that allows you to specify user credentials. This makes it easy to index data on other file shares with, or without, other credentials.  This option can be located on the System page, it will only be visible if Voyager is running as a WIndows Service.
  • Collect this information for each physical location where Voyager is installed or will index data.

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