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Using Lists to Save and Organize Search Results

You can use lists to create custom views of your data and search results. (Lists are similar to adding items to a shopping cart in an online store.)

You can create a new list or you can add data from search results to an existing list.  

Note: Lists are more customizable than saved searches: with lists you can add or remove data while saved searches only allow you to repeat a search.

To create a new list:

  1. Using search, find the results that you want in your list
  2. From the Tools menu, choose Add Results to a List
  3. Provide a title for the list and click Save
    Optionally, you can provide a description for the list

You can now access the list from Home > Lists.

Once you create a list, you can use the Tools menu to perform additional actions with the list, such as process the results, open the results in ArcGIS Online, or export the results to a CSV file.

You can also create a list by clicking items in a search result and choosing Add To List > New List from the menu that appears.

To add items to an existing list:

  1. In your search results, select the items to add
  2. Click the items
    A menu appears
  3. Choose Add to List and select the name of the existing list that you want to hold the new items

To remove items from a list:

  1. Select the items to remove
  2. Click the items
    A menu appears
  3. Choose Remove From List and select the list that will no longer include the item

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