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Adding Content - ArcSDE

 You can add content from an ArcSDE (Spatial Database Engine) geodatabase using a specific SDE connection file. 

Adding an ArcSDE connection file

To connect to an SDE location:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Locations
  2. Click New Location
  3. Select ArcSDE

  4. Enter the path for the SDE connection File and click Add
  5. Click Scan to index the location. 

Notes about Timeout Values

Voyager iterates over each of the items on the SDE server based on account information configured in the connection file, and can timeout if it does not receive a response from the server after a certain period. The default timeout is set for 300 seconds. Network connections to SDEs can be slow, and the extraction process could be timing out because the default is set to 300 seconds. If you get an extraction timeout error, go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Discovery Configuration and increase the Extraction Timeout value (for example, to 60000). 

Viewing Indexed ArcSDE Files

  • To see all of the indexed files from the ArcSDE connection files, click the SDE file in the index. 
  • To view all feature classes stored in the SDE geodatabase, Click the SDE Data link next to the indexed item.


If you are having trouble connecting, test the SDE connection through ArcMap/ArcCatalog to make sure that the connection file is configured correctly and working. If double-clicking the connection file connects on ArcCatalog and lists layers/other data, that indicates that the connection file is configured correctly.

Additional Location Types

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