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Determining which Version of Voyager is Running

When you contact Voyager support, it is important that you know which version of Voyager is running on your system.  A Voyager version number looks like this: 

where the numbers indicate:

          [major version].[minor version].[revision ].[build number]

Where to find the Voyager Version

1. In the UI

This is the simplest method (you will need to be logged in with permissions to Manage Voyager).  Click Manage at the upper right.  The version number appears under the System section, for example:


2. Using the REST API
To use the REST API to find the version number, enter


The version number appears at the beginning of the output, for example:

          {"title":"Voyager Search","version":""

3. From the Log files
The Voyager version is written to the first line of the main Voyager log file (voyager.log) in the data/logs sub-directory (typically C:\Voyager\server_1.9\data\logs).  For example:

2014-09-17 21:31:01,121 INFO voyager.launcher.VoyagerServerService - VERSION:



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