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Selecting Voyager's Base Map

To select or add a Base Map, go to Manage Voyager > Settings > Mapping.

Default Base Map

By default, the Base Map is set to the ESRI Street Map, but you can also choose OSGeo Basic WMS.

Google Maps

Click Enable Google Maps to add Google Map Layers:

You can select a layer or click the X next to its name to remove it.

Adding a Map Service

You can also add a map service in the Add Map Service list.  Choose from:

  • WMS Base Map
  • ArcGIS Base Map
  • Caching Base Map
  • Openlayers Base Map
  • Mapbox Base Map

Enabling Dynamic Base Maps

You can make ArcGIS Base Maps dynamic by un-selecting Use Cached Tiles when adding it:

Restoring Default Map Settings

To restore the default mapping values, click Restore Map Settings.


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