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Clip Data by Polygon

This Processing task clips selected search results using a clip geometry. 

To run this task in the Navigo UI:

  • Cick the Cart icon and select New Task from the drop-down menu. 

  • Select Clip Data by Polygon from the task menu

  • Select whether to clip a rectangle or polygon:


    • For a rectangle, click and drag to select an extent on the map
    • For a polygon, click the points that outline the desired extent and double-click to select the area
  • Choose the Output Format
  • Choose a Projection
  • Click Next to go to the Confirm Content tab
  • Select Add clip results to a new map document (optional)
  • Click Run Task to begin processing

Supported File Types

This task supports all GIS file types.

Usage Notes

  • The clip geometry can be specified as a rectangle or polygon. 
  • If no clip geometry is provided, the entire result is copied to the output.
  • The projection is used to project the output results. The default is the same as the input being clipped.
  • The outputs can be saved to the following formats: 

    • File Geodatabase
    • Shapefile
    • Layer Package
    • Map Package

  • If the output format is a File Geodatabase or Shapefile, the results are compressed into a zip file that can be downloaded. The zip file may also contain a map document with all the results added if that option is selected.
  • If the output format is a layer package (LPK) or map package (MPK), the package file can be downloaded and opened directly in ArcMap.
  • The output data for layer and map packages is a File Geodatabase.
  • If a search result is a layer file, it is copied, clipped, and re-sourced so that the symbology is maintained.
  • If a search result is a map document, the map document is copied and all its layers are clipped and re-sourced.
  • Non-spatial files such as text files, PDF, and Office documents will be copied and included in the zip file or package.
  • An ArcGIS map service layer and an ArcGIS feature service layer are supported.
  • Requires ArcGIS 10.x

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