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Delete Files

This Processing task permanently deletes selected files. 

CAUTION This task will permanently delete files!

To run this task in the Navigo UI:

  • Cick the Cart icon and select New Task from the drop-down menu

  • Select Delete Files from the task menu


  • Click Run Task to permanently delete the files

Supported File Types

This task supports all GIS file types. The input must be files and cannot include ArcGIS geodatabase datasets. If a file has component files, such as a shapefile, all of the components are also deleted.

Usage Notes

  • The input results must be file types and cannot include ArcGIS geodatabase datasets such as feature classes. However, a file geodatabase (.gdb) can be deleted.
  • When deleting Shapefiles, all supporting files such as .shp, .dbf, .shx, etc., are deleted.
  • When deleting Smart Data Compression files, all supporting files such as .sdc, .sdi, etc., are deleted.

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