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Processing Task Overview

 You can send search results through one of Voyager's python-based geoprocessing tasks to further analyze the data and download results. 

Voyager uses the ArcGIS geoprocessing framework for the majority of tasks, so the input records for those tasks must be in formats that are supported natively by ArcGIS. The tasks that do not require ArcGIS are Copy FilesDelete Files, Move Files and Zip Files.

See Supported File Types for Processing Tasks for more information. 

Processing Tasks 

*admin only

**authenticated users only

Viewing Processing Tasks in Navigo

In Navigo, processing tasks are grouped by general function into four categories:

  • Managing Data and Files
  • Managing Raster
  • Extracting Data
  • Voyager Tools
  • Publishing Services

To view Processing tasks in the Navigo UI:

  1. Add one or more items to the Cart
  2. Select New Task from the drop-down menu next to the number of items in the Cart
  3. Click Select a Task to open the Task List (tasks are grouped by general function)

The color of the circle next to the Task Group indicates whether or not there are tasks available for the data type(s) in the Cart. 

Processing Task Categories

Managing Data and Files

Use these tasks to manage files and the data associated with them.

Managing Raster

Use these two tasks to take Raster input and create an output Mosaic that can be downloaded.

Extracting Data

Use these tasks to process data and create downloadable results.

Voyager Tools

Publishing Services

Use these two tasks to publish data to ArcGIS.


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