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Using the CheckIndex tool

Voyager has a suite of command-line tools that you can use to check and repair the index, start and stop the Voyager service, configure user Security and other network functions.  Checking and repairing the index is one of the most commonly used tools, however the usage and syntax changed with Voyager 1.9.9. Both the previous and current tools are described below.

Checking the Index - Voyager Versions and Earlier

In Voyager versions and earlier, use the CheckIndex tool.

To run the CheckIndex tool:

  1. Stop the Voyager service
  2. Go to [Voyager Installation Dir]/app/util
  3. Open a command window
  4. Enter VoyagerCommandLine

  5. Enter checkIndex (case is important)

  6. The tool will show a list of sub-folders within the data folder (fields, history, jobs, list, mime, tasks, v0, vfs)
  7. If there is an issue, it is most likely with the v0  (index) sub-folder
  8. Enter checkIndex 
  9. At the command prompt, enter v0 and press Return


  10. If the index is not corrupt, you will see No problems were detected with this index
  11. If you see a FAILED message when the test is complete, the index is corrupt
  12. To fix the index, enter checkIndex again
  13. At the command prompt, enter v0 -fix and press Enter
  14. Type Y to answer Do you want to continue?
  15. The tool will fix the corrupt index by deleting the files/documents that were corrupt
  16. Restart the Voyager service

Checking the Index - Voyager Versions 1.9.9 and later

In Voyager version 1.9.9 and later, you access the checkindex function from the [Voyager Installation Dir]/cli/bin directory. 

To check your index:

  1. Go to [Voyager Installation Dir]/cli/bin 
  2. To check the v0 (index) directory, enter voyager index check v0 and press Return
  3. If the index is corrupt, enter the following command to fix it: voyager index check v0 --fix


  4. Fixing an index may result in deletion of some documents - to continue, press Y
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