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Tagging Records

 In Navigo, users can tag their own content, which lets them create their own filtering system. Tags can be searched in the keyword search field and administrators can configure the Tags field to be a filter.  Other users can add and access tags as well, so it's a great way to quickly and flexibly share content across an organization. When you click a tag, you can view all items that share that tag. 


Tagging requires Voyager's Community Extension. This is standard with the Pro license and can be purchased for the Basic license.  Contact sales@voyagersearch.com to add this extension to your Basic license.

Tagging a Single Record

  1. To add a tag, go to the Detail View for a record in Navigo
  2. Click Add next to the Tags label

  3. Enter a tag in the Tags field and press Return to add it

  4. You can add additional tags in the same way
  5. If an Administrator has configured Filters to include Tags, you can search for records with a particular tag



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