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Adding Custom Fields

You add custom fields in the Standard UI, but they will appear in the Portal UI as well.

NOTE: Currently Administrators must enable permission to edit fields for non-Administrators.

To add a custom field:

  • Open the file config.js in the directory {Install Dir}\app\web\ex, for example C:\voyager\server_1.9\app\web\ex
  • Look for the tagFields section (outlined in red below)
// Note: when running in Voyager, this static file is ignored and generated based on internal settings
var config = {
    "root": "https://voyagerdemo.com/",
    "explorePath": "voyager",
    "enableEmail": true,    
    "title" : "Voyager Search",
    "filterid": "default",
    "rawFields": {
    "tagFields": [
  • Add values for field: and display: for your custom field (make sure to add a terminal comma for the line above)
  • For example, you might add the field meta_marker with the display value Marker:

"tagFields": [
  • Save config.js
  • You will need to restart Voyager to incorporate your changes.
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