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Navigo UI Overview

The Navigo UI is a streamlined interface to Voyager's core functionality. Navigo is built for organizations to find their content, tag it, explore items in detail, preview them on a map and download the content that’s been indexed. Here are some of Navigo's features:

  • View Featured Content on the Home page
  • Add Collections. Collections are saved searches that you can access directly from the Navigo home page.
  • Placename search gives users the ability to search by the name of a location. Voyager's placefinder includes 15 million placenames.
  • Tag items for sharing. Users can easily tag items for quick retrieval and sharing with other users
  • Easily add items to the Processing Cart for quick clip-and-ship or creation of map services and more.

Home Screen

The Navigo UI shows an Overview Map and search controls:

Searching in the Navigo UI

You can perform a text search, search by place name or search by drawing a bounding box on the overview map. See Searching in the Navigo UI for more information.

Recent and Saved Searches

See Saving Searches in the Navigo UI for more information.

Viewing Search Results

You can view your search results in Map ViewCard View or Table View. Card View is the default. For more information, see Viewing Search Results in the Navigo UI.


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