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Write GIS Metadata

 Use this Processing task to create or update existing GIS metadata for selected search results that contain valid GIS files. Currently you can add values for these fields (with other fields available through simple edits to a python script):

  • Summary - The purpose of this metadata
  • Tags - Keywords to make searching easier
  • Description - A brief description of the data
  • Credits - The recognition of those who created or contributed to the data (e.g. Voyager Search)
  • Use Limitations - The use limitations or copyright information


The ArcGIS XSLT Transformation geoprocessing tool is used to transform an ArcGIS item's metadata (or any XML file) using an XSLT 1.0 stylesheet and saves the result to a temporary XML file. The transformation uses the W3C-compliant XSLT 1.0 stylesheet exact copy of.xslt. This stylesheet makes an exact copy of the item's metadata as an XML file. For example, this stylesheet saves a copy of a geodatabase item's metadata to a temporary file so it can be examined and edited.

If no metadata exists for an item, there is a template XML file that is used and updated with the input values. After modifications are made to the XML file to add the input values, the ArcGIS Metadata Importer tool copies metadata from the temporary XML to the target item. We recommend that you read the tool documentation for XLST Transformation and Metadata Importer to better understand how this task works.

To run this task in the Navigo UI:

  • Cick the Cart icon and select New Task from the drop-down menu

  • Select  Write Metadata from the task menu

  • Select whether to overwrite existing data.  By default, this is not selected.
  • Enter a short Summary
  • Enter Tags  that will help users to find this metatdata
  • Enter a Description of the Data
  • Enter Credits
  • Enter Use Limitations
  • Click Run Task to begin processing

Supported File Types

This task supports all file types.

Usage Notes

  • Check Overwrite to overwrite existing metadata information. This is off by default. If no metadata exists, Voyager creates it even if Overwrite is not checked.
  • Separate multiple Tags with commas or spaces.
  • Requires ArcGIS 10.x

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