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Using Voyager's RSS and Atom Feeds

Geotagging can be used in conjunction with Voyager's ability to index RSS feeds. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format used by media companies and bloggers to deliver new updates for their web publications. By combining RSS indexing and geotagging, news stories now instantly contain the where in addition to the who, what, when, why and how and they are searchable and discoverable in a flash.

Voyager provides feeds in both Atom and RSS formats so that you can receive notices for new and updated content.  To access the feeds, go to Tools > Open Feed and select either Atom or RSS.

Voyager will then display the raw feed in the format you chose.

Configuring Feed Settings

Administrators can configure which fields appear in feeds by going to Manage Voyager > Settings > Appearance > Feed Settings. 

This opens the Feed Settings dialog, shown below:

  • Enter a Title and optional Subtitle.  
  • The default configuration uses the Details, Content, Preview and Metadata fields. You can add or remove fields to fit your needs and your data.

To include all fields in the feed, un-comment (remove the # symbols from) the following lines:

## <div>
## $doc.getAllFieldsAsHTML()
## </div>

The volume of feeds showing all fields can be large, depending on the nature of the data in your index.  In general, this is not recommended.




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