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Configuring Voyager to Run behind ARR in IIS

This article outlines the configuration steps for running Voyager behind IIS.

The steps involve configuration of rewrite rules in IIS and changing the Voyager URL and context path parameter in Voyager.

Two IIS modules are required for this configuration

  • URL Rewrite Module
  • Application Request Routing (ARR)

1. Install ARR and URL Rewrite modules in IIS

To install ARR and URL Rewrite modules in IIS please navigate to the following links



2. ARR configuration

The next step is a configuration of the reverse proxy functionality using ARR module.

From the IIS Manager, select a server node and then click the ARR feature. 

In the ARR, select Enable proxy.


3. Creating routing rules with URL Rewrite module

  • From the IIS Manager, select a Default Web Site and then click on the URL Rewrite feature.
  • In the Actions pane on the right hand side click Add Rules...
  • In the Add Rules dialog open the new Blank Rule


In the Edit Inbound Rule dialog enter the required parameters for the Rule:

  • Name
  • Pattern
  • Rewrite URL

You may also want to setup HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING Server Variable.

4. Voyager URL configuration

After configuration of IIS rewrite rules, add context path parameter into Voyager.vmoptions file and update Voyager Base URL.

Open Voyager.vmoptions file and add/modify the following parameter: -Dcontext.path=<your-context-path>

More information on Voyager.vmoptions configuration available here.


The next step is to setup Voyager URL on Manage > Settings > Appearance page:



You have to restart Voyager for new settings to take effect.


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