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Clearing your Voyager Index

Administrators can partially or completely remove items from the search index. There are several methods:

Clearing Items from a Specific Location

This option removes items from a single location from the Index

  • Go to Manage Voyager > Locations
  • Click the Edit icon next to the location you'd like to clear

  • On the details page for that location, click Clear Index

  • This will clear all indexed items from that specific location, but does NOT remove thumbnails, metadata and layer files stored in the \meta folder. 

Clearing Items from a Specific Search 

Use this method to remove the results of a specific search query.

  • Run a search
  • Click Remove results from the Index from the Admin Options panel

  • There are four options:

    • Remove From Index - removes selected items from the search index
    • Remove Thumbnail - clears thumbnails and preview images from the Voyager /meta folder
    • Remove Metadata - deletes XML files that are saved in the Voyager /meta folder
    • Remove Layer - wipes out any layer files associated with the item in the /meta folder
  • Click Remove to clear the items you chose 

Clearing the Entire Index 

Use this option to delete all content from the Index

  • Go to Manage Voyager > Index > Backup and Restore
  • Click Wipe the Search Index

  • Click Yes, Clear the Index





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