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Configuring Discovery - Formats

Voyager's Default Configuration Settings allow you to fine-tune a range of indexing options.  This article addresses the Formats tab in the Default Settings section.

To access Format settings:

  • Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Discovery Configuration > Default Settings
  • Select the Formats tab

Use the Formats tab to specify which file formats Voyager will Index and Extract and to configure Advanced settings.

  1. Un-check Use Default Settings on the Formats tab to control which file formats can be indexed and extracted using the Index and Extract tabs.  
  2. Select Index or Extract to configure file formats.  Indexing simply adds the file to Voyager's Index.  Extraction reads metadata and other attributes of the file. You can choose to index certain file types but not extract them, for instance if the performance load for extraction would be initially prohibitive.
  3. Unselect All Files
  4. Select the categories for which you want to allow indexing or extraction.
  5. Use the Include and Exclude options to search for specific file types to include or exclude from indexing or extraction. In the example above, GIS files, Media files and Geology files will be extracted.  Office Files are excluded, but Excel Spreadsheets have been specifically Included.
  6. To completely turn off indexing and extraction for a location, leave all of the checkboxes blank.  This will temporarily remove these files from subsequent scans of the Index, however any files that have already been indexed will not be removed.  To permanently remove a location from indexing, Select Delete from the More drop-down list on the Locations page.  You can also select Clear Index to remove the records from the Index.

Advanced - Use this tab to apply filters and configure how Voyager detects the MIME type of each file.

Mime Detection - Select how to identify the MIME type of files:

  • File Name - Voyager will use only the file name to assess  the MIME type of the file.
  • File Content - Voyager will use the actual file contents to determine the MIME type. NOTE: The File Content setting can potentially take much longer than File Name, depending on the size of the data set Voyager is indexing. 

Filter - You can apply filters during indexing.

  • Standard - indexes all files in a location with the exception of System and Hidden files. 
  • Custom - Configure custom settings.  Use the example links to load several different filter templates.


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