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Adding Featured Content to the Home Page

 In Navigo, you can select specific search results to display as Featured Content on the Home Page. For instance, administrators could choose to feature most commonly used file types or files of a certain format on their home page.  This makes it easier for users to access these results.

Featured Content is displayed at the bottom of the Navigo home page, below the overview map. 

Featured Content items are displayed in Card View. Each item displays:

  • A thumbnail image. This gives a preview of the item. 
  • The name of the item. Clicking on the name takes the user directly to the Details page of the item. 
  • Option to add the item to the Queue. This lets users add an item from this section to the queue directly. 
  • Tools option. Allows users to download the item, see a preview of the item, open it on VoyagerMap etc. 

Configuring Featured Content 

Follow these steps to configure Featured Content:

  1. First, create a saved search containing items you'd like to appear in your Featured Content.  For instance, if you'd like your feature group to display raster files created by a certain author, select the appropriate filters and create a saved search for these items. 
  2. To configure Featured Content, go to Manage Voyager > Settings >  Appearance and select Navigo UI.
  3. Check Show Homepage.  
  4. Enter a title in the Title field in the Show Content section. This can be Featured Content or any other title of choice. 
  5. Choose the search you created in the first step in the Show Results from the Saved Search drop-down list.
  6. Click Save to implement these settings. 


  • By default, all previously saved searches are listed in this drop-down. 
  • Voyager saves the configuration for Featured Content in the appearance.dex file in the config folder. 
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