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Flagging Items

Flagging items in the index adds a new label that pushes the item to the top of the search results page, drawing extra attention to it. Flags boost search results, in additional to helping users to organize their content and make filtering easier.

In Navigo, administrators can add flags to individual items or groups of items. Think of flags as a way to create a featured or highlighted set of content.

You can use flags to

  • Add a visual cue to denote an item's importance
  • Mark a group of items
  • Easily search for all items with the same flag 
  • Boost items to the top of search results


Flagging requires Voyager's Community Extension. This is standard with the Pro license and can be purchased for the Basic license.  Contact sales@voyagersearch.com to add this extension to your Basic license.

About Flags

Flags appear on the item's thumbnail on the Home page, the Search Results page and the Details page.  They also boost any item containing a flag to the top of search results. This ensures that any content that carries a flag is not buried among less important items in the index. To edit the parameters that boost search results, see Append Parameters.


Adding Flags

Adding flags to individual items 

To add a flag to a single item:

  1. Open the item's detail page
  2. Click Admin Tools and then Flag This

  3. Enter the flag in the dialog that appears:

  4. Click Save Changes

 Adding Flags to All Items in Search Results

You can also flag all the results of a search (up to 250 items).  To flag all items:

  1. Click the arrow next to the number of items
  2. Select Flag All

  3. Enter the flag in the dialog that appears:

  4. Click Save Changes

Finding All Items with a Specific Flag

To find all items that have a specific flag, click the flag. Navigo will display all records with that flag

Removing Flags

 To remove a flag:

  1. Click the flag on an item. This shows all records with that flag
  2. Click the arrow next to the number of items
  3. Select Remove All Flags
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