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Enabling Security Integration with Access Control Lists

By default, Voyager does not integrate with Enterprise Access Control Lists (ACL). There are two steps necessary for ACL indexing: 

  1. Enable indexing of Access Control Lists
  2. Enable permissions for Access Control Lists

1. Enabling Indexing of ACLs

You can enable indexing at the location level or in the default settings for all locations. 

Enabling ACL Indexing for a Location

To enable ACL indexing for a location, go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Locations.  For the location you want to include, click the Edit icon.

In the Location window, select the Settings tab and make sure that Index Access Control Information is set to Yes as shown below.

Enabling ACL Indexing in Default Settings

To enable Access Control List indexing as the default value for all locations, go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Discovery Configuration and select the Settings tab in the Default Settings section.


2. Enabling Permissions for ACLs

To enable permissions, go to Manage Voyager > Security > Access and check the box next to File System Access Control Lists.


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