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LDAP Authentication


To set up LDAP authentication in Voyager, go to Manage > Security > Authentication > LDAP and configuration information on the Connection, Advanced, Groups and Test tabs.

Connection Tab

On the Connection tab, enter the connection details for the LDAP server:

  • URL – enter the UFL for the LDAP server (ldap://server:port/)
  • Username – note that the user must have read permission in the domain directory
  • Search Base – this defines the location in the directory from which the LDAP search begins
  • Principal Suffix – (optional) this text is inserted after the user's login name when using the simple authentication method

Click Save to save the connection configuration.

Advanced Tab

On the Advanced Tab you can extend and fine-grain search base filters for LDAP search by adding additional Domains, Search Filters, etc

Groups Tab

Use the Groups Tab to search for Domain user groups and register them in Voyager.

Test Tab

Use the Test tab to test the LDAP connection:

  1. Enter the Domain Username and Password
  2. Click Test

If the connection is successful, you should see details for that user (name, dn, sid, groups etc), as shown below:

Logging in to Voyager Using LDAP

Once you have configured and tested LDAP authentication on your system, restart Voyager to begin logging in with LDAP.

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