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Adding a Folder Hierarchy Filter

 It's easy to add a folder as a Discovery location, and you can use a Folder Hierarchy filter to search within nested folders without having to add each subfolder as a separate location. 

Enabling Folder Hierarchy Filters

You can enable Folder Hierarchy filters for an existing Display Template or in a new Template that you create.

To enable Folder Hierarchy Filters:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > My Displays > Display Templates
  2. Search for Hierarchy to find the Folder Hierarchy option in the Available Fields list
  3. Click and drag Folder Hierarchy to the Selected list
  4. Click Save

Using Folder Hierarchy Filters

To use the Folder Hierarchy filter:

  1. Click Filters in the Search Results window
  2. Select Folder Hierarchy

  3. Click the arrow next to a folder to show subfolders, if present
  4. Click the arrow again to minimize the selection
  5. When you click on a folder name, Navigo will update the search results to display only the results from that folder




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