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Excluding Folder Locations

When indexing a folder location, you can now use custom filters to exclude specific sub-folders and prevent them from being indexed.  This approach is much more efficient than indexing all folder content and then removing specific items from the index later, which may be quite difficult, depending on the nature of the data and your particular folder structure. 

To exclude folder locations, you need to

  1. Identify the location(s) that you wish to exclude
  2. Add the top-level folder containing those sub-folders
  3. Configure a custom filter for the top-level folder location
  4. Begin indexing

Identifying Locations to be Excluded

To begin, identify the specific sub-folder locations you wish to exclude from indexing, for example in the folder WORLD, the folders indicated in red (AFRICA, ANTARCTICA, ASIA, EUROPE, OCEANIA and SA) should not be indexed.

Adding the Top-level Location

The next step is to add the top-level folder location:

  1. Go to Manage > Discovery > Locations
  2. Click New Location

  3. Select Folder
  4. Navigate to the desired folder, in this case the WORLD folder.
  5. Click Add

Configuring the Custom Filter for the Top-level Location

When you have added the top-level folder, you need to configure a custom filter that will exclude the desired sub-folders.

  1. Click the Edit icon to bring up that location's Management page
  2. Select the Formats tab and un-check Use Default Settings - this brings up the Index, Extract and Advanced tabs
  3. Select the Advanced tab (the Index and Extract tabs are use for exclusion based on file format). 
  4. Select Custom from the Filter options
  5. Click Example (1) at the bottom of the page to bring up the default filter configuration

  6. In the default configuration, change the Type from "Field" to "Folder"
  7. Delete the default entries under val

  8. Enter the folder names to exclude under val
  9. Delete the type and pattern fields
  10. The custom filter should look like the following:

  11. Click Save
  12. If the filter is correctly configured, a confirmation message in green will appear, as show below:

Scan (Index) the Top-level Location

When you have completed the custom filter configuration, Voyager should now only index the selected items from the folder and exclude the specified folders.


  1. Folder names are case-sensitive
  2. Ensure that filter settings are saved before scanning/indexing
  3. To configure global exclusion settings:
    • Go to Manage > Discovery> Discovery Configuration
    • Select Advanced from the Formats tab
    • Select Custom and proceed as above
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