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Relocating Index Files to an External Drive

It is possible to relocate the entire index to an external drive or share. For best performance, the drive (and the connection to it) should support high I/O and throughput.

You can also keep only the Solr/Lucene part of the index on a local, fast drive (preferably solid-state), and move the ancillary files (thumbnails, preview images  and cached metadata files) onto a shared NAS, as these files require the most disk resources.

Steps to Configure the Index File Locations

To change the location of index files:

  1. Stop Voyager 
  2. Copy (not Cut) your data to the new external location(s) 
  3. Edit the voyager.vmoptions file to point to the new location(s), which can be external drives or UNCs (shares).  See below for details.
  4. Restart Voyager 
  5. Remove/Clean up local versions of data that you moved

Editing voyager.vmoptions

The voyager.vmoptions file is in [installdir]/app. Open the file and modify one or more of the following parameters:

  • -Ddata.dir (the location of data, by default [installdir]/data)
  • -Dindex.dir (the location of the index, by default [installdir]/data/indexV2)
  • -Dmeta.dir (the location of metadata, by default [installdir]/data/meta)




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