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Managing User Sessions

The Sessions page lists all of the users currently logged in to Voyager. It shows the the last time a user accessed Voyager and when the session will expire if a user is not actively using the software. 

To view current user sessions, go to Manage > Security > Sessions.

This shows the following information for each active session:

  • User - The name of the user associated with that session
  • Host - The IP address of the user
  • Path - The file path 
  • Logon - When the user logged on to Voyager
  • Access - The last time the logged-on user accessed a Voyager page or feature
  • Expiry - When the session will automatically expire after a period of inactivity

Session Timeout Values

When a user has not signed out but there is no further activity, the session will automatically expire and the user will be logged off.  The default value is 20 minutes.

To allow users to stay logged-in regardless of activity, select Set the Remember Me Cookie on the main Authentication page. 

 This setting displays a Keep me logged in checkbox on the login page. 

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