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Creating Custom Discovery Locations


In addition to adding content from one of Voyager's standard location types, administrators can add Custom Discovery Locations if they have been previously registered. 

Before you can add a Custom Location to the Index, you will need to

  1. Create the Custom Location
  2. Register the LocationFactory

Creating Custom Locations

To create a custom location, you will need to implement three classes:

  • Location - each location must have a unique name. 
  • DiscoveryRunner
  • LocationFactory

Three samples from the Voyager are shown below.

Sample 1 - Earthquakes Location

This is an example that connects to an RSS feed

Sample 2 - Autonomy IDOL Location

A custom location for Autonomy IDOL service.

Sample 3 - MyFolder Location

This is an example with a more complex JSON configuration

Registering the LocationFactory

Adding Custom Locations in Voyager 

Once custom locations are registered and Voyager has read them at startup, you can add them to the index. 

Additional Location Types

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