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Viewing a Heatmap for Search Results

 You can add a heatmap layer to the map in Navigo.  The heatmap shows the relative density of search results for a query, giving users a quick visual estimate of how and where content is distributed.

Before you can view a heatmap, you need to:

  1. Change the spatial Indexing settings to store both geometry and a bounding box 
  2. Index or re-Index some spatial data
  3. Enable the heat map layer on the Search Results map

Configuring Spatial Settings to Include Geometry

To change the Spatial Settings:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Index > Spatial Settings

  2. Select Store both geometry and bounding box
  3. Click Save

Indexing Spatial Data

You can either rebuild the entire index, which may not be reasonable, especially with large data sets, or you can index a location or locations.

To Index a single location:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Locations
  2. Click the More menu next to a location to index

  3. Select Rebuild

This will re-index the records for this location.  You can index other locations in the same way.

Enabling the Heatmap Layer in Search Results

To show the heatmap for a set of search results:

  1. Click the Layer icon at the bottom right of the Map

  2. Check the Heatmap checkbox that appears

  3. Use the slider to adjust the opacity of the Heatmap (left is transparent; right is opaque)

Areas with more records appear as red, areas with fewer records appear as yellow and areas with the fewest records appear as green.  Note that the relative distribution of colors in the Heatmap will change as you zoom in or our of the map.



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