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Extensions - ArcMap Plugin

The ArcMap Plugin allows Voyager Administrators to configure filters that will be passed to ArcMap. Filters are queries which are applied against the voyager index and filter the results shown in the plugin.

To configure the ArcMap Plugin, go to Manage Voyager > Extensions > ArcMap Plugin.  

There are three tabs:


This shows the current filter set that will be used in ArcMap. You can edit or remove entries here, but use the Add tab to create a new entry.


This is where Administrators can add new filters (filters are in JSON format). Enter the name of the filter and include the URL of a query. For more information, see Adding Filters below.


This tab shows the currently configured filters.  To view the specific records, click the Filter name at the left.  Results will appear in the Search Results page.

Adding Filters

You add filters based on specific search queries. To add a filter:

  1. Execute an index query.  This can be derived from queries or filters applied on the Search Result page.  
  2. After running the query/filter, you will copy part of the URL displayed in the browser's Location field. For example, a query might result in the following URL:


  3. Copy the text beginning with q=f= or fq=. In the example above, this is the string fq=geometry_type:Raster. Ignore any text that starts with disp=, as this is information about how the results are displayed, not the results themselves.
  4. Paste the text from the step above into the URL field of the Add tab
  5. Add a name for the filter
  6. Click Add

The new filter will appear on the Configure tab in JSON format. For example, adding the URL

fq=geometry_type:Raster with the name New Raster Filter

creates this entry in the Configure tab:

{"New Raster filter": "/fq=geometry_type:Raster/"}

Additional filter examples:

  • q=location:ec66c854b0408aeb    (filter by location)
  • fq=srs:EPSG%5C:WGS%5C%2084    (filter by spatial reference)
  • f.format_app=ArcMap    (filter for ArcMap format records)
  • fq=keywords:ArcSDE    (filter for ArcSDE records)

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