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Editing Fields for All Records

 You can Edit Fields for all of the current search results, up to a limit of 250 items. This allows you to add a field value to multiple records instead of adding it to a single record at a time.  You can use Field values to filter content and easily share subsets of search results with other users.

Before you can Edit Fields,

  • Field Editing must be enabled
  • You must have Edit Fields permissions

To Edit Fields for all records in Search Results:

  1. Select Edit Fields for All in the drop-down menu next to the number of results in the Navigo UI.

  2. In the the Edit All Items dialog, Editable Fields appear in the Select a Field list

  3. Choose an Editable Field from the list
  4. Enter the Field value in the text box
  5. Press Return
  6. Click Save

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