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Opening Files Directly from Search Results

 In Navigo, you can open a a source document directly from its location using the Open tool. This is different from the Download tool, which creates a local copy of an original document.

Currently the Open tool is available natively only with Internet Explorer.  Firefox and Chrome require third-party extensions (described below).

Opening Files Directly in Internet Explorer

To enable the Open tool, an administrator needs to configure both Internet Explorer and Voyager.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The decision to use the Open tool should be made prior to indexing a location. If the location has already been indexed, then the administrator will need to rebuild the index for that location in order for the Open tool to work properly.

Configuring Internet Explorer

To configure Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to Settings > Internet Options > Security
  2. Select Local Intranet

  3. Click Custom Level
  4. In the Security Settings tab, select Enable for File Download

  5. Click OK
  6. Click OK

Configuring Voyager

To configure Voyager to open files:

  1. Go to Manage > Discovery > Locations
  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the Location from which you want to open files
  3. Select the Settings Tab

  4. Make sure that Download with filesystem URLs is set to Yes
  5. Click Save
  6. Run Rebuild for this location. WARNING: This could potentially launch a large indexing job depending on the size of the source content being rebuilt.

When both Voyager and Internet Explorer have been configured, return to the Voyager search results.  For files that can be opened directly, the Tools menu shows the Open option.  Click Open to open the file.

Opening Files Directly in Firefox and Chrome

The security schemes in Firefox and Chrome do not allow a user to open file links directly. To enable opening files, the administrator must enable an extension for Firefox or Chrome. Note that these must be configured prior to indexing a location.

Extension for Firefox

Extension for Chrome


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