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How Voyager Calculates Relevancy of Search Results


When Voyager executes a query against an index, it lists more-relevant items at the top of the index and less-relevant items at the bottom.

Calculating Relevance Scores

Voyager  uses the following field-related factors in determining the relative relevance of index items.  

  • tf (Term Frequency) 
    This is the frequency with which a query term appears in a document. The more times a term appears, the higher the score. 
  • idf (Inverse Document Frequency) 
    If a query term has very low frequency across all items in the index, it contributes more to the relevancy score.  
  • coord (Coordination Factor) 
    Documents that contain more query terms have higher scores.
  • fieldNorm (Field length) 
    Fields with more words in them have lower scores than fields with fewer words. 

NOTE: Scores are always normalized so that they fall between 0 and 1.0. That means that scores are a function of a specific query against a specific index, and cannot be compared across different queries or even with the same query using a different index. 

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