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Error: Address Already in Use: Bind


This error usually occurs when a user has multiple instances of Voyager running on their machine.

Possible issues causing the error could be:

1. Two VoyagerServer.exe processes running simultaneously. To resolve this,

  • Shut down Voyager by right clicking on the Voyager icon at the bottom right of the Windows Task bar. Right click on the Voyager Icon >> ShutDown.
  • Open Windows Task Manager >> Show all processes >> End Process for any Voyagerserver.exe process.
  • Now, start Voyager by clicking on Voyager Install Folder >> App >> VoyagerServer.exe.

Note: When running Voyager as a process, ensure that there's only one VoyagerServer process running i.e. the Windows Task Manager>> Processes only has one VoyagerServer.exe process listed.

2. Voyager was installed as a service, but also accidentally started as Voyager server using the Voyager icon in the Windows Start Menu. To resolve this, 

  • Open the Windows Services panel, select VoyagerService.exe, stop Voyagerservice.exe. 
  • Open task manager and End Process for Voyagerserver.exe. 
  • Restart VoyagerService from the Windows Services panel.

Note: If Voyager was configured as a service during installation, Voyager Service gets started automatically when installation's finished. Users don't need to click on any icons to run Voyager as service; it is started and stopped using the Windows Services Panel only. 


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