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Error: Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

This error occurs when the java heap set aside for Voyager is maxed out. To resolve this error:

  1. Stop Voyager
  2. Increase the memory (java heap) parameter set for Voyager by editing the Voyager Vmoptions file under Voyager Install > App
  3. If there's enough RAM available on the server where Voyager is running, change the java heap value from 1024 MB to 2048 MB (increase the –Xmx  parameter in the Vmoptions file)
  4. Save Vmoptions
  5. Restart Voyager 

Note: For a machine with 16 GB of memory, the Xmx parameter can be increased up to –Xmx4096M (maximum of 5000M). 


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