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Rendering Thumbnail images from Geometry

One of the strategies for generating Thumbnails involves rendering an image from the geometry or spatial information in indexed records.  Although this is generally the slowest method of generating thumbnails, it does offer some fine control over the styling of resultant shapes with the Style Rendered Shapes controls.  Rendering Thumbnails from Geometry can be very time-consuming - see this article for tips on speeding up the rendering process.

Enabling Thumbnail Rendering from Geometry

To enable rendering thumbnail images from geometry :

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Locations
  2. Click the Edit icon next to a location 
  3. On the Thumbnail tab for that location, select Render Images from Geometry from the Strategy pull-down menu

  4. In the next dialog:

  • Choose a Base Map
  • Choose a Buffer value for the rendered image
  • Check Style rendered shapes to define how the shapes appear (described below)
  • Click Save when you are done

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